You Can Learn Chinese

#1 Introduction

Episode Summary

Get to know your hosts Jared Turner and John Pasden and what the podcast IS and is NOT about.

Episode Notes

Introduction to the podcast, getting to know Jared Turner and John Pasden, and an overview of what this podcast is all about.

What This Podcast Is

This is the very first Chinese podcast of it’s kind! Here is what it is all about.

For each show, Jared and John will be discussing different topics followed by a guest interview. We already have many interviews recorded with guests sharing their fascinating and wide ranging experiences with learning Chinese including an actor, a public relations director, a graduate of a dual immersion program, a diplomat, and many more! They’re also on a quest to interview Mark Zuckerberg and John Cena.

What This Podcast Is Not

This podcast is different than your average Chinese podcast, so here is what it is NOT.

Simply put, they're not your teachers! They know what is is like to learn Chinese and you can do it!

You can find more info about the show at or on Facebook.