You Can Learn Chinese

#13 The Four Keys to Learning Chinese You Need to Know

Episode Summary

Jared and John discuss four keys you need to know to not only spot a good program, but to optimize your Chinese learning. Guest interview with Daniel Keefe and how after 15 years in China, he finally learned Chinese and passed the HSK 4.

Episode Notes

Are you doing the right things to learn Chinese? In this episode, John and Jared discuss the Four Strands of language learning developed by Paul Nation, a famous researcher in vocabulary acquisition, and how we can use these four keys to identify strengths and weaknesses in any language program. After listening to this show, you’ll not only be able to identify a good Chinese program, you’ll know what you need to do to optimize your progress towards fluency!
Gest interview is with Daniel Keefe, who after 15 years of living in China, decided to buckle down and learn Chinese. He’ll share with you the magic ingredient that helped him pull the language together and pass the HSK 4 exam.
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